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MultiLine® IDS – Digital Portable Meters

MultiLine® IDS – a class of its own:
• Up to 3 parameters can be combined
• Automatic electrode identification
• Data transmission to USB stick or PC

IDS Digital Electrodes

IDS Digital Electrodes

IDS digital ORP Electrodes
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Spectral and special analysis in industry, education and science and analysis of routine measurements with standard parameters in wastewater and drinking water, as well as environmental analysis and in-the-field use: Spectrophotometers of the photoLab® 6000 series
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Portable Photometers

Environmental Monitoring, water treatment, beverage industry, wine industry, process control, multi-parameter

applications for photometry, pH and turbidity: Portable Photometers of the pHotoFlex® series
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Thermoreactors for COD and all other thermal digestion processes
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Laboratory & Field Instrumentation

The digital IDS system – MultiLine® for the field and inoLab® for the laboratory

The IDS concept from WTW: intelligent, digital sensors for the standard parameters pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.

The IDS system consists of two components: digital sensors and the matching field and laboratory instruments. New: measuring values are now processed directly in the sensor and not by the instrument. The active sensor defines the parameter to be measured makes the instrument to a pH, conductivity, D.O. or multi meter.

Not only for the field – such as the new multi-parameter depth sondes MPP IDS – but also for the laboratory: Besides the modern portable MultiLine® meters Multi 3410 IDS, 3420 IDS and 3430 IDS there is a new generation of laboratory benchtop meters: the inoLab® IDS series with the inoLab® Multi 9310 IDS, the inoLab® Multi 9420 IDS and the inoLab® Multi 9430 IDS.

The product range from WTW offers the world’s most complete line of pH/ORP, D.O./ BOD/Respirometry and Conductivity Instruments, Turbidity Meters and Photometers including reagents. WTW offers premium optical technology instruments with the spectrophotometers of the photoLab® 6000 series for the UV and VIS range.

General Technical Data Electrochemistry
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Application Range BOD Self-check Measurement
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Application Range Depletion and Respiration
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Application Areas Turbidity Measuring
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